Rooster Teeth Forza 5 Vinyl


I’d never taken the time to make a Forza Vinyl before. To do them really well can take hours, so this is my halfway house 🙂

I wanted to make something relatively easy for my first Forza 5 vinyl. So I thought a Rooster Teeth Vinyl set maybe about my skill level!

I’ll refine it some more, and I can already think of a few improvements I want to make in the morning… A bit more tinkering to be done I think!

Santa Dash 2013

I had great fun on my Birthday yesterday running the Liverpool Santa Dash 2013, it’s certainly something I’ll be doing again next year!  It also reminded me to update my running page.

santadash2013 You can actually see me and my eldest in the bottom left hand corner of this picture! I’m amazed. I thought with almost 10,000 people all dressed as Santa the chances of finding us were almost zero.

If you haven’t done it before, I’d really recommend it, get together with a few friends and give it a go.