New Half Marathon PB

I was aiming for under 2 hours, as my last few 10 miles runs hadn’t been great. ¬†But after 6 miles I was still feeling really comfy, and at 9 miles I still felt fresh. ¬†Maybe all the running I’m doing is starting to pay off, I took a minute off my old PB 5 weeks ago and finished in 1:56:25 – I think I actually enjoyed the race!

PB - 1:56:25

PB – 1:56:25

Joining The Gym

village-hotel-bromboroughSo I joined the gym 2 months ago in an attempt to reduce my running times.  Lose a bit of weight, get a bit stronger, it should all help.

After 2 PT sessions – the first of which I could barely walk for 3 days! and the 2nd I struggled to lift my arms above my head, I think I’m getting somewhere.

I’m now very aware that going to the gym is only 50% of whats required, what you eat is the other 50%. ¬†Quickly realised that there is no point doing one without the other.

The Village Hotel in Bromborough has great facilities, and their PT’s are great. ¬†Jamie Hill is looking after my program / trying to kill me. ¬†His Personal Training is superb, and I find that Jay manages to drag the last ounce of effort out of me, even when I think I’ve given up.

Highly recommended. РI get a revised program every other week, recommended food and meals, and a hours one to one session every week.

I’m get my running times down even if it kills me, and at the moment, I think it might!