Joining The Gym

village-hotel-bromboroughSo I joined the gym 2 months ago in an attempt to reduce my running times.  Lose a bit of weight, get a bit stronger, it should all help.

After 2 PT sessions – the first of which I could barely walk for 3 days! and the 2nd I struggled to lift my arms above my head, I think I’m getting somewhere.

I’m now very aware that going to the gym is only 50% of whats required, what you eat is the other 50%.  Quickly realised that there is no point doing one without the other.

The Village Hotel in Bromborough has great facilities, and their PT’s are great.  Jamie Hill is looking after my program / trying to kill me.  His Personal Training is superb, and I find that Jay manages to drag the last ounce of effort out of me, even when I think I’ve given up.

Highly recommended. – I get a revised program every other week, recommended food and meals, and a hours one to one session every week.

I’m get my running times down even if it kills me, and at the moment, I think it might!

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