360 Facebook Pictures

Its much easier to create the 360 Facebook photos than you’d think.

I’ve been able to do it using only my iPhone and a simple app: Google’s official Street View camera app: it’s available for Android and iOS, it’s free!

Once yo’ve installed the app on your phone, tap the Plus icon from the front screen and choose Camera then Open Camera. The app will guide you through the process of capturing all the images that you need – just make sure you’re staying as still as possible while you move your phone around.

You need to move the phone around to find the orange dots that appear on screen. Each picture is taken automatically once the dot is found and the circular tick icon at the bottom will gradually get a circular border as you take all the necessary images. When it turns green then you’re all done.

Once you get to the last few pictures you’ll get some prompts as to where the missing points are but if you work around yourself methodically you can’t go far wrong. If you take a snap that you’re not happy with for whatever reason then use the undo icon (lower left) to remove the most recent image.

Once you’ve got your image, don’t click ‘Publish to Google Maps’ but hit the icon to the right and select ‘continue’.  Save the image to your camera roll.  (Don’t select the option to save to Facebook, that will upload a flat image).

From inside Facebook, uploading the 360-degree photos you’ve taken is no different to uploading any other picture, from the status update box, tap Photo and then pick your image.  You’ll see the 360 image has an image of a globe on when you select it.

Once the uploaded, visit your profile and make sure everything’s working as intended – as before, click and drag using the mouse (in a web browser) or just move your phone around (on a smartphone) to peer in all the different directions the 360 photo allows you to.


Holiday photos will never be the same again!

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