Forza 5

So I guess it’s a very little known micro site for Forza Motorsport, but paying it a visit, and it may just pay you back in the $1,000,000s.

Forza Motorsport RewardsI’d played a fair few Forza games over the years, and in the background, Forza had been keeping tabs on my progress.
Forza had been rewarding my loyalty and gaming with $$$ that I was unaware of!

I took a visit to and signed in with my XBox live account.  It quickly ran some calculations, and waiting for me was $3,200,000 !

It makes the game much more fun and its obviously quicker to progress as you can now afford all the cars and upgrades you’re likely to need.

I’ve now been checking back regularly (of course!) and the money keeps coming in.  I’ve heard of others getting $4m+

Thinking it may have been a mistake, I let some friends know about it, it was the same for them, we we’re all collecting millions of dollars.

Forza Cheat ? Getting $3m you’d think so, but I don’t think it is, its simply there to encourage people to visit the Forza website!

Happy Racing, spend your new found fortune wisely!


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