Tranmere Rovers Sold!

tranmere-roversIt feels like Tranmere Rovers has been for sales for 10 years, maybe it has, its been that long.

We’ll today it sold!

Mark and Nicola Palios are taking a controlling interest in Tranmere Rovers Football Club, having reached an agreement with current owner Peter Johnson.
Mark, who is a former chief executive of The Football Association, made over 280 appearances for the club in two spells at Prenton Park.
I’ve love to think that there are also other backers coming in to help, I guess we’ll know more over the next few weeks.
Exciting times.  Full story here

Keep On Running

So I’m still running after 7 months, I’ve impressed myself!

I beat my last 10k time by 6 minutes at the weekend in the Oulton Park 10k. I was aiming for under an hour, and achieved 58m20s.

Slowly but surely my times are coming down, I’m running under 9.15s per mike regularly now.

I’m hoping to run the Cheshire 10k at the end of March, but have the Liverpool Half Marathon the week before. (If I just get round the 13 miles I’ll be happy!)


Rooster Teeth Forza 5 Vinyl


I’d never taken the time to make a Forza Vinyl before. To do them really well can take hours, so this is my halfway house 🙂

I wanted to make something relatively easy for my first Forza 5 vinyl. So I thought a Rooster Teeth Vinyl set maybe about my skill level!

I’ll refine it some more, and I can already think of a few improvements I want to make in the morning… A bit more tinkering to be done I think!

Santa Dash 2013

I had great fun on my Birthday yesterday running the Liverpool Santa Dash 2013, it’s certainly something I’ll be doing again next year!  It also reminded me to update my running page.

santadash2013 You can actually see me and my eldest in the bottom left hand corner of this picture! I’m amazed. I thought with almost 10,000 people all dressed as Santa the chances of finding us were almost zero.

If you haven’t done it before, I’d really recommend it, get together with a few friends and give it a go.

CSR Classics Guide

1_csr_classicsI was a fan of CSR Racing, and now NaturalMotion have release CSR Classics.  It’s kept the best bits of CSR Racing and improved on it.

Its a great iOS game and keeps me entertained when I have moments to kill.  Its free to play, and well worth a download.

I quickly put together a CSR Classics guide to help you level up as fast as possible if you’re interested at all.

XBox One Arrives

xboxoneXBox One has arrived! It was very easy to setup, and some of the new features look superb.

I cant wait to prise it away from the kids for a games once they’re in bed.

No more going to the shops or ordering games for my XBox One, as I’m going to download everything digitally.