I hadn’t run properly since school, and at 33, although I thought I could probably run a mile, the reality was that I’d stuggled to run for a bus!
My dad is a keen runner, but I never really got it.

After betting a friend at a BBQ that I could run a 10k with him 3 months later, I finally had to do something about it.

I’m a sucker for a gadget, so I was convinced that there had to be an app to help me, and I found it!
There were plently of apps about, but for me 10k Runner was the one that suited me most.

10kRunnerBadge The app broke my running down in to such small and manageable runs.  The first one was no more than running for 30 seconds and walking for a few minutes.  It sounds so incredibly easy, but I was certainly out of breath!  The runs then build up over a series of weeks and slowly but surely increases the time you run for and decreases the times you walk for.

It look me a good few runs, and friends reminding me that this is really ‘jogging’ there isn’t a log of running going on!

It was such an achievement when I could run for 5 minutes without stopping! Again, sounds like nothing, but I was really proud of it.

Slowly, over a period for 5/6 weeks, I found that I could almost run 5k

Once I was able to run for 30 minutes, I found that although 10k Runner had really helped me along, I wanted to know how fast I was running, and keep a records of where I’d been.
(Like I said, I like gadgets!) So I had a look around for something that could keep my interest.

runkeeper_badgeI quickly came across RunKeeper.  I’d seen friends use it on facebook and twitter, and it didn’t take me long to see why.  I found that running at about 10.30s per mile was just right for me, I was a bit out of breath, but I could certainly keep going.  I was also just about able to hold a conversation with someone if I needed to, which I’ve since heard is a good benchmark.

RunKeeper not only maps my runs, but it also gives you audio queues to keep you up to date with your speeds and distance.  You can add friends on so that you can all encourage each other.  I’ve found runkeeper now to be the only running app I use.  It keeps all my run history there, keeps my pace for me and keeps a log of it all.

So I was almost there, but did find that I was running with my phone in my hand, listening to my podcasts whilst running.  So I was one gadget sure of being all set and ready to go.


Finally I found a spibelt.  Genius. (I’m sure they’ve been around for years, but I’d only just found it!)  It a belt with elasticated pouches, so it enabled me to store my phone, keys, money etc as I ran.  Brilliant!

Now I can run with out holding my phone as I go 🙂

I ran the Wirral 10k in October 2013 and finished in 64.40 !  I’m impressed I even finished.

Since then I’ve run the Santa Dash 2013, and I even ran the Liverpool Half Marathon in 2014.

I’m finding the time its taking to train pretty tough, as I’m having to run for an hour and a half now, so I think going forwards I’d rather improve my speed for 10k… but that may change if I finish this half marathon.

There is a rock n roll marathon coming to Liverpool in 2014, and I really like the look of it, so that may keep me going.

Right, I’m of to check on 10k races coming soon to a town near me!


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