TomTom Multi-Sport Cardio

TomTom Multi-Sport Cardio
TomTom Multi-Sport Cardio

So I decided to treat myself to a TomTom Multi Sport Cardio.  I already had a Pebble watch which I love.  There are 2 limitation to it though:  1. You need your phone for the GPS and apps.  2. No heart rate monitor.

Don’t get me wrong, a Pebble watch was half the price of the TomTom Multi Sport Cardio watch and has a lot more functionality.  However the more I ran, the more I was intrigued to know my heart rate and the more frustrated I got having to keep my phone with me at all times.

The TomTom Multi Sport Cardio scratches that itch.  It appeared that this watch would do everything I wanted.

When I started running, I began to use RunKeeper.  I found the app very easy to use, and it analysed my runs, so I could keep a track of my progress very easily.  I’d tried Strava, but it just wasnt as friendly to use in my opinion.

What I like about the TomTomMulti Sport Cardio is that unlike other watches, I don’t have to plug it in to my PC, a big plus in my opinion.  the TomTom watch pairs with a great app for my iPhone called MySports.  I didn’t actually plan to use the app, but it has a great feature whereby the watch uploads the info to MySports, and then converts the info and uploads it to RunKeeper.  The MySports app can convert your runs to a number of different formats and upload them accordingly.

This watch is just what I wanted and I have been very impressed so far!

If you want to see what happened when I compare my TomTom Watch to my Apple Watch on a run, take a look here.


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