Looking for the new Rooster Teeth UK Store –  Click here.

I really enjoyed red vs blue by the guys at Rooster Teeth, and had kept an eye on and off the site since.

There are weekly Rooster Teeth podcasts , be it the Original Rooster Teeth podcast, or The Patch (1 Hour Gaming Special).
I guess the original podcasts cover much more than gaming these days, so they split them out.

Probably not something you want you mum or kids listening to, but very VERY good humour.

You can become a subscriber for just $10 a year, which I’d really recommend. You can then watch them live, or catchup and watch them later in the week.

It’s one of the only things that will make me laugh out loud listening to.

Great news, there rooster teeth store is finally coming to the UK, so shipping just got a lot more affordable.

Go and check out for some great entertainment.


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